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What Our Customers Say


Since 2003, when we opened our first cheongsam boutique in Holland Village,  The Cheongsam Shoppe has attracted a steady stream of customers – ranging from homemakers, professionals to celebrities – across various ages, body types, personalities and nationalities.

From Our Happy Customers

Cheryl came to The Cheongsam Shoppe with her mum in her 50s and her grandma in her 70s.


‘We were delighted to discover The Cheongsam Shoppe and the many designs that we like. We are pleasantly surprised to find cheongsams for all of us within an hour, without any alterations needed. I found my tea ceremony cheongsam, a gorgeous long gold halter. At first we thought of getting a blouse for granny. Surprisingly, we found a number of cheongsam dresses that look good on her. Mum was so happy to find her fabulous cheongsam too.”

Cheryl, 27 years old, Bride-to-be

ML, 30 years old, Works in Media

A petite lady with an outgoing personality, ML is a regular customer of The Cheongsam Shoppe for more than 7 years,constantly referring her family and friends.


“I love The Cheongsam Shoppe designs, especially those that are quirky and not too traditional. Their ready-to-wear collections are very good, as over the years Brigid knows exactly how to design cheongsams to suit even my petite body frame.”

Minna, 35 years old, Civil Servant

Minna cannot resist buying a cheongsam every month. With a ‘pear-shaped’ figure and a loud laughter, Minna’s personality matches her selection of cheongsams, preferring unique designs with bold prints.

 “I visit The Cheongsam Shoppe regularly to check out their latest designs. Their cheongsams are unique, modern, not too traditional and yet comfy. I enjoy their personal services and recommendations resulting in a good fit every time.

Lisa, 50+ years old , Works in Education

Lisa usually finds it difficult to purchase dresses from regular fashion labels due to her ‘straight’ figure.


“The Cheongsam Shoppe’s designs and cuts are well made, comfortable and easy to wear. For special occasions, I visit the shop knowing that I can get a cheongsam which I love that is understated and unique.”

Dr C, 40+ years old, Works as Medical Specialist

Dr C is a busy professional with young children.


“I love The Cheongsam Shoppe’s cheongsams. I usually grab a number of them without trying! They fit me perfectly and people say I look fabulous in them. I often wear them for work and events with ease.”

Mdm J, 70+ years old, Indonesian

Mdm J likes to model for her friends.


“At first I was only looking for the classic fitted cheongsams. Then I also fell in love with their ‘mermaid’ and flare designs. I like it that they are locally designed by Brigid. The Cheongsam Shoppe is my ‘go-to’ place to shop for my many parties and gatherings.”

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